Did you know Chris Pratt, Jim Carrey and Halle Berry were all homeless at one point?

How to undress to dress others?!

1. Look through your wardrobe for warm winter clothes you don’t need anymore.

2. Make a short movie of yourself taking these clothes off.

3. Share your movie on social media and nominate your friends to do the same by using hashtag #warmemup

You have 24 hours from when you are nominated.

4. Pack your clothes and send them to the Crisis Organisation or drop them off at your local Crisis shop. Find your nearest store here.

Join in as these people already have!


We have loads of clothes we really don't use anymore and while they might not mean much to us, someone somewhere would love them.





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Creative director Dominika Cuda once again draws attention to undressing the beauty of the human body as previously presented in three editions of the sports calendar, while moving on an important and extremely current problem. The author whom we know mainly from unusual photographs this time chose the form of film as the tool of her expression. Playing with the image it makes you reflect and encourages you to help without spending a penny.

Contact details for media:

Email: contact@dominikacuda.com

Phone: 07535 154586